Everybody loves Dicky!

Death Star

The lines have been drawn.  On this side we have the well-respected Bush 43 Secretary of State Colin Powell, his chief of staff and decades-long Cheney colleague Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, and Powell’s replacement at State, Condoleeza Rice.

And on the other side we have, weighing in at God-only-knows-what, Dick “The Heartless One” Cheney.

(We’d have Bush 43 in here somewhere but we haven’t been able to locate his thoughts at any point over the last 20 years minimum.)

If there was any doubt to this point that – at least in the eyes of his past supporters and coworkers – Dick Cheney’s most recent book marks his full transition from respected politico to abhorrent daft prick, a whole slew of colleagues have effectively waived their collective 150 or so years of never saying anything negative about anyone in public to call out Dick’s cheap shots as revealed in his (please don’t give the man a cent by buying it) recently released screeching screed of flaming stink.

No telling whether this is simply a ploy to help Dick get the necessary funds to complete his work on the Death Star or simply one last ditch effort to make good by attempting to buy off his guilt feelings over his daughter’s sexual orientation (for which the feeling called “guilt” doesn’t even make logical sense), or perhaps the unnamed ‘option 3′ that can pop into a politician’s life like an immaculately conceived love child of unmistakeable origin.  We’re just happy Dick’s making it obvious to people of all races, creeds, political persuasions, and IQs that he really is a – hey, it’s his name isn’t it?

Dylan Ratigan asks America, “Do you know what the hell a corporatist is, or do I have to shove this pencil up your a–”

Well, OK, that’s not what he said.  Not even close.  But he was that kind of angry, and he was pointing the finger at the last two decades of cozying between those who lead government and want to control our money and those who don’t and already do control our money, or as we around here like to call them, “nation killing corporatists”.

Though it shocks us that even fewer people know what a corporatist is than what high fructose corn syrup is, we’re still holding out (read: BEGGING) hope that the full fury of an entire passive nation suddenly awakens to the most passive comprehension of how they’re being pwned by these one percenters.

Until then, we’ll settle for Dylan Ratigan’s head exploding on a regular basis in hopes the shrapnel that blows forth hits enough sleeping citizens in the head to make them want to actually do something, anything at all to depose the oligarchy taking what’s left of our cash and leaving us with worthless houses, broken down cars, and a layaway plan for tomorrow’s spam dinner.

Here’s the clip:

Dylan Ratigan

Witnessing a catastrophe that basically wasn’t.

Jim Cantore, dramatically reporting Hurricane Irene

Oh, the drama!

Why would someone watch 14 hours of hurricane coverage?  That’s easy.  We love train wrecks and we gravitate towards anything that will heighten our emotions – particularly fear.  In other words, the ‘emotional hit’ we obviously lack in our routine day to day.

It’s just a shame the media panders to our weakest feelings, like a drug dealer continually enticing us into believing this high will be better than the last.

Guvnuh Perry Launches This Here Internet Bucks Thingy

From the guvnah: “I hates me some DC but man that Capital dome thingy sure does look purdy behind my Planet of the Apes hairdo!”

Guvnah, fresh off the POTA movie set

In case you’re on MSNBC’s website wondering what the he** a w—- is, we have an answer.

If you watched Today or headed to MSNBC recently, you’re probably left wondering why Jerry Brown’s taking so much heat for calling California GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman a “w—-”. Perhaps, like us, you clicked on the story to hear the video version – which was of course bleeped beyond all recognition – then sat there for two minutes to conclude he must have called her a “witch”. Right now, being a witch in politics is relatively in fashion, so it kinda makes sense.

So of course Google (and the news outlets with the balls to actually spell the word) saved the day for us. The word Jerry used? Whore.

But of course we’re providing no context here, so perhaps heading to the story might help.

Oh yah, you’ve already watched the report thirty times trying to figure out which bad word starts with ‘w’.

AZ Senator Jon Kyl says President Obama told him he’s holding off securing border for political gain.

While attending a Tea Party town hall meeting in North Tempe, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, Obama and he discussed securing the Mexican Border. Kyle quoted the president as claiming as problematic “If we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.”

More, including a video of this coming straight from Senator Kyl’s mouth, from Mediaite.

Take comfort in knowing BP cares about “the small people”.

Did the BP chairman really say this?  Wow, they really don’t get it, do they?

Obama, Gingrich, Carlson, the gulf oil crisis address, and the use of God in the speech.

Gretchen Carlson of Fox thinks it’s “disingenuous” when the President references God in a speech when he doesn’t go to church every week.

We think it’s disingenuous when Gretchen Carlson decides her Fox and Friends role entitles to play God by judging the actions of others while brainwashing her TV followers.

More from Mediaite.

Gay marriage: another reason Elena Kagan’s left right wingers with no line of attack.

We’re really enjoying the Elena Kagan interview process.  It’s almost like getting interrogated by hundreds of overly confident questioners for a crime you didn’t commit (and frankly for a crime which doesn’t exist).  Each member seems to think they’re going to be the one blowing the doors open to some new revelation that makes Kagan unsuitable for SCOTUS, when in reality what we likely have here is a practical, modern version of David Souter.

Funnier still?  You know these people are going back to their offices muttering, “I KNOW she’s got a gay agenda.  I just KNOW it,” yet sadly for them (and good for the rest of us), nothing emerges.

It’s like creating a conspiracy out of a theory: how do you avoid looking like a whacko for pressing the issue and when do you start looking like the morals police for probing someone’s personal choices in the interest of making some bygone way of thinking important?  In short, how do you turn the American public against someone just because they might be gay and/or supporting any aspect of this so-called “gay agenda” that floats in your scared mind?

You’ve gotta hand it to the Obama administration: so far they’ve failed to pull the same Supreme gaffe Bush 43 pulled, and we’ve definitely seen no Borks walking the halls.

Newsweek’s coverage of Kagan and same sex marriage is an interesting read and can be found right here.

President Obama pleads for $50 billion in state and local aid.

This is the fundamental difference between how Republicans and Democrats view the world.  Republicans generally go to the people who need the police for money while the Democrats prefer to collect and distribute it way up at the federal level.  Logical?